A – Cappella Pratensis

“Missa Lutherana: The Beginnings of Lutheran Church Music”
October 21 at 5:00
Grace Lutheran Church (1209 N Broadway)

The group’s exquisitely balanced, cleanly expressive sound is a thing of beauty. – blogcritics

The eight male voices of Cappella Pratensis (Netherlands) are specialists in the performance of 16th-century polyphony, which they sing from a central music stand, reading mensural notation from a single large choir book. Missa Lutherana: The Beginnings of Lutheran Church Music, celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and includes chant as well as compositions by Heinrich Isaac and Adam Renner, making the case that Luther retained much more of earlier musical and liturgical traditions than is often assumed.

There will be a pre-concert lecture at 4:00.

This concert is co-sponsored by Bill & Sue LeFeber, and by Don Cress