October 12, 5:00, St. Paul's Episcopal Church - TENET, "The Sounds of Time: Songs of the Trouvéres"
November 9, 5:00, Grace Lutheran Church - The Marion Consort, "Tell Me True Love: Lute Songs of the English Renaissance"
December 7/8, 5:00/3:00, St. Joseph Chapel - Anne Azéma & Soloists of the Boston Camerata, "A Medieval Christmas: Puer Natus Est"
February 8, 5:00, UWM Zelazo Center - Les Délices, "Myths & Allegories"
April 4, 5:00, St. Paul's Episcopal Church - House of Time, "Angels and Demons"
May 2, 5:00, St. Joseph Chapel - Blue Heron, "Fit for the Immortal Gods: The Music of Johannes Ockeghem"