Our 30th Anniversary Season is focused on engaging our audience with outstanding period performances of Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque music, and by stretching our boundaries Across Borders – Across Time!

Each half of the season provides a different perspective on how we have worked to fulfill our mission.  The first half presents three world-class ensembles already familiar to our audience: from England, France, and the United States.  Each represents a different period and genre of early music: 9th-century Medieval vocal music, Elizabethan viol consort music, and choral music of the Renaissance.

The second half of the season presents outstanding ensembles new to our audience — in fact, one will be making its North American debut!  With artists from Cuba, Canada, and the United States, the historic progression continues with colonial music from the Hispanic Americas, Appalachian music with its roots in the British Isles, and a French Baroque musical murder mystery!

Stretching beyond our usual borders, the season will include the North American premiere of a work for viol consort, as well as an added concert of music by Mozart, Weber, and Beethoven.

Every concert offers new sounds and fresh perspectives on the diverse cultural heritage that belongs to all of us.  We look forward to having you with us for this celebratory 30th Anniversary Season!